No2. Ben Okri – the portrait

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100 Portraits Before I Die

No2. Ben Okri - photo

Ben Okri photographed on the Bakerloo Line, London. July 2013

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EL Kiosko…….1918


Alicante (4)

On a whim, last night, we decided to go down to Alicante, about 100km south of our village, well not exactly a whim, Silvia buys a lot of her products for her gift shop down here, so we thought we´d combine the two- a family night out (Mama,Papa,Daughter and dog), and some business.

Alicante is one of those small cities that lives by it´s own rhythm and pace-very much a southern vibe down here, no rushing around, lots of cool bars and restaurants on the “Paseo”, night markets, impromptu jazz quartets setting up all over the port area-all tolerated by the rather laid back town council – no problem here, if it´s culture or art it´s def OK- rudeness , negativity and intolerance-not tolerated  🙂 ! Of course being 3-5 degrees warmer than Marina Alta, the mentality here is different- a breath of fresh air amongst the hammer hard heat of the day, people are generally polite and only too willing to interact with a smile! Of course not everyone is like that- but hey, why waste time on those that are´nt 🙂

I love this beautifully preserved Kiosk going back to 1918, wonderfully preserved and lovingly restored,it has always been here as far as I can remember-when I first came here 20 or more years ago it was here, in those days though, the kiosk sold newspapers, magazines and books and such like, of course not much of that kind of business anymore-since the birth of the internet, so they´ve had to adapt to changing times-not done bad at all! I noticed that Alicante is one of the cities i´ve been in that has an abundance of well preserved city parks- not on the scale of London or the like but just enough space for folks to come and read a book (or kindle) without feeling crowded out. Yeah, a very laid back city-nice 🙂 Of course it has had it´s dark side in the past- i´ll say no more than that, as i´ve come to realise recently past  is done and dusted 🙂 !

| 5D MKII,|f/2.8|1/640 sec. |ISO-400|Tamron 28-75 @ 28mm|




Summer…….but not yet full on tourists!

Beach  (9)

A very chillaxed evening we had two nights ago-this was taken from the beach bar overlooking the dunes to the beach. This beach  is really reserved for kite-surfers,windsurfers,boarders and the like. But it’s understood that the more down to earth locals come here.  No ‘’Too much money for their own good,up from Madrid’’ types settle on this beach!  🙂 You can bring your dogs along too !  A very relaxed and laid back and friendly  atmosphere-just what the doctor ordered!

We ordered up some  ‘’Sepia’’ (Squid) in sauce, ,Pan and a couple of beers. The Spanish have the funniest logic at times ( I put it down to the summer heat) In the bar are ’’No Smoking’’ signs everywhere- but all the smokers were smoking  inside –all the non-smokers, us included ( I gave it up some time ago, which did’nt stop me getting a tumor on my lung- very soon to be removed, but that’s another story! ) were sat outside, it brought a wry smile to my face 🙂 A generally feel good factor had by all kind of night :).

|Canon 5D MKII|f/8|1/000 sec|Sigma 70-300 mm|

Roof Garden II – Rebirth

Roof Garden II

Just got back in the house now, after a week in the hospital-just can´t stay off the blog! 🙂

Way back in January 2012, I posted a night  image of an plant growing on my neighbours roof. (see it here). It seemed to stay in dormancy-until last week. It has suddenly become vibrant again, even though the heat here is almost unbearable. The surgery to remove the tumor on my brain went spectacularly well, so i´m renaming this to rebirth. The image was taken a couple of weeks ago.

|Canon 5D MKII| f/7.1 |1/1000 sec |ISO-250 |A 4.8 |Sigma  70-300 @238mm |


Home Port-Denia Harbour, Provincia De Alicante,Spain

Home Port

We took a lovely late evening stroll in the port at Denia yesterday- a nice little treat before my surgery on Monday.

The Club Nautico de Denia is one of my favorite spots on the coast here-always vibrant and full of life, really top notch eateries and bars and – beautiful sunsets.

Some knowledge of Russian (of which i have none, other than “Da”) is bonus  as they are everywhere. I always like to watch the sailors coming home to port at night and this little group seemed to have a definate order of play. Due to a very strong sea wind all the sails were down and i guess whichever had the biggest motor got to get in lead position.

I added nothing more than a little Vibrancy in Lightroom and left it at that.

Canon 5D MKII|f/2.8|1/200 sec| ISO-640|Tamron 28-75@75mm|

7.0 am – -Red Dawn – Sunrise Over The Serra Segarria


One of the simple pleasures of living in this part of the world, is being able to watch the sunrise-a time of quiet reflection-a time to formulate some  ideas for future photographic projects – or simply to see what´s occuring and record it for no other reason than because it´s unfolding in front of my eyes. A magic time of the day for me, it was´nt  too many moons ago i´d be rushing around  at this time of the morning with a  dozen things to do , most of which was undoable  in the time slot i had, my stress levels climbing ever higher and then i´d end up missing the whole spectacular event in anycase!

Nothing particularily special about this image though, no nice clouds floating across the Sun like you get in the non – Summer months of the year.There are no clouds in the Med in the summer-except when the heat storms come –  just unrelenting heat-definately time to be awake in the early morning  –  early evening/night time. Virtually no PP with this image, save some minor light level adjustments in LR, pretty much out of the can. I purposely left the telephone/Tv booster tower just in shot, way down on the right just to break up the uniformity a bit.

|Canon 5D MKII|f/32|1/1600 sec|ISO-250|Sigma 70-300@300mm|handheld|


Cami De Mortits II


As i mentioned in last nights post, Toffee, my daughter´s dog, who had come  with me for the early morning hike last Friday, went hightailing it after a rabbit, through the underbrush and disappeared from sight, i followed her general direction and came upon this “Camino”. It lead past this ruin to an enchanting cabin cum stone refuge, well cared for but unoccupied.I have long-standing respect for private property here in this part of the world and generally get permission or at least ask a local if it would be alright to photograph, so as no one was around i decided to come back some time in the future,when i know who it belonged to and make do with the ruin for now. I purposely angled the camera to catch a little of lens flare-for effect. I produced two versions in Post-Production and both colour and B+W  had some tweaking in Lightroom. Not sure which version i prefer, so i´m putting up both today.

|Canon 5D MKII|f7/1| 1/200 sec |ISO-250 |Tamron 28-75@28mm |

Ruin bw

Next post: From dormant to vibrant-see you all then 🙂

Cami De Mortits, Sagra, Provincia de Alicante, Spain

Cami De Mortits

This is from last Friday´s early morning hike along the mountain road to the picnic (merendero) area abou t 2km from my village, at this point the road becomes a dirt track which takes you to the top of the mountain about another 2km up with breathtaking views of the coast, on a good day you can see all the way up the to Valencia in the distance. I took  our dog Toffee with me, and at this point she saw a rabbit and bolted off after it into the undergrowth, so i let her go and do what she does best, which is chasing things -(never catches them though, she´s not stealthy,just noisy). My 5D MKII is so often in and out of my bag on these occasions,so  i changed the really annoying shoulder strap for a glove/hand strap some weeks ago-more practical for me.It fixes to the base of the camera and has two little swinging arms that fold out horizontally-really handy when you have´nt your Tripod-i only had my mono with me that day. Just find a flat surface and away you go. I quite liked this shot, as i don´t often get to see what i look like from behind me (if you know what i mean).I used remote to trigger the shutter. Here i´m using my Galaxy´s GPS logger app-works fine-when i´ve got a server connection! I packed away the gear and went looking for the dog and she´d found me a path to an old ruin i´d never known was there- that will be tommorrows post.I did a little bit of tweaking in LR and a rather disatrous clone-out job of over-exposed sky-it´s the tree i´m talking about- but what the hell, not really a serious bit of photography this, just a bit of fun 🙂

|Canon5D MKII|f4.5|1/125 sec |ISO-250 |Tamron 28-75 @ 33mm|flash enabled |




I have had a photographic project in the pipeline for awhile now but as yet unrealised. It is going to be a celebration of children in either a collage or composite format. It won´t be appearing on this blog anytime soon because i reckon it may take around a year to complete and it wil be in print format rather than screen format but we´ll see.

I now have the first image as a starting point which i´d like to share here on the blog with you all. So until my next post in the coming days have a great night everyone 🙂

This Is Still A Photography Blog, But……….

Morning Haze

Yesterday as i was being discharged from hospital, i was told told by the Oncologist i am living with Cancer-would never have guessed it!

Well it´s been ages-since i  posted anything-so here´s something from our early morning walk just outside the village this morning-i´ve never in all the years that i´ve lived here seen this lane looking quite like this before-perhaps recent events as mentioned before has influenced the way i compose the scene in front my camera! Strangely enough i now have more time for photography than before -photography now gives me a reference point and a focus to a point in an unknown and uncertain future- it is now more important to me than even before-so it´s big time photoblogging for me again,See ya´ll tommorrow 🙂

Canon 5D MKII|f/13|1/500sec|ISO-400|Sigma 70-300@86mm|

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